yaoi-on-my-face: Do you have a link to the episodes of the post shaving bros?

This is the link for one of the episodes


I literally forgot where the other one was from… I’m pretty sure it’s from another WULAS  video but I could be wrong.


imagine your otp in bed together, having trouble taking off each other’s shirts, giggling because it should be embarrassing but it’s actually really endearing. they try taking off each others pants but their so tight that they can’t even kick them off with the other persons help and it’s just a load of complications but they’re all happy and laughing because wowie they still love them and think they’re the most attractive thing in the world

Shaving bros


requested by anon: ian in mostlymelanie videos.

tearsanddesolationakathebbc: I just saw your Smosh selfies post and DID IAN GET A HAIRCUT?!?!?!

Nope! His hair was only pushed and short like that for a video ^__^


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"I look shorter than I remember.’ | Ian


Smosh/Smosh Games + Text Posts

Love these two <3